1st Reconaissance Co. - Headquarters Batallion - 1st Marine Division , FMF Korea
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History of Elite Recon Marine Officers Awards and Honors

Activated 1 March 1937 At Quantico, Virginia as the 1st Tank Company and Assigned to the 1st Marine Brigade

Deployed during January-March 1940 to the Caribbean on board the USS Wyoming

Relocated during March 1940 to Quantico, Virginia

Redeployed during November 1940 to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

1st Marine Brigade redesignated 1 February 1941 as the 1st Marine Division

Redesignated 1 March 1941 as the 1st Scout Company, Division Special Troops

Relocated during April 1941 to Quantico, Virginia

Relocated during September 1942 to New River, North Carolina

Reassigned during August 1942 to the 1st Tank Battalion

Redesignated 1 April 1943 as Company E (Scout), 1st Tank Battalion

Redesignated 10 April 1943 as Company D (Scout), 1st Tank Battalion

Redesignated 9 May 1944 as Reconnaissance Company, Headquarters Battalion

Participated in the Following World War II Campaigns


    New Guinea

    Bismarck Archipelago

    Western Caroline Islands


Redeployed during September - October 1945 to Tientsin, China

Relocated during June - July 1947 to Camp Pendleton, California

Redesignated 15 June 1948 as Reconnaissance Platoon, Headquarters Company, Headquarters and Service Battalion

Redesignated 22 March 1949 as Reconnaissance Company, Headquarters and Service Battalion

Deployed during August 1950 to Tokyo, Japan

Participated in the Korean War, Operating From

    Pusan Perimeter


    Chosin Reservoir

    East Central Front

    Western Front

Participated in the Defense of the Korean Demilitarized Zone, July 1953 - March 1955

Relocated during March 1955 to Camp Pendleton, California

Deactivated 30 April 1958

Reactivated 1 May 1958 At Camp Pendleton, California as the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion and Assigned to the 1st Marine Division

Participated in the Cuban Missile Crisis, November - December 1962

Deployed during August - September 1965 to Camp Schwab, Okinawa

Redeployed during March 1966 to Chu Lai, Republic of South Vietnam

Participated in the war in Vietnam, March 1966 - March 1971, operating From Chu Lai, Da Nang

Relocated during March - April 1971 to Camp Pendleton, California

This lineage/history for the 1st Recon Battalion, came from HQMC sources. Contrary to common belief, 1st Recon did not orginate with the Raider battalions

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